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Heat recovery ventilation device YBPK-50 (LQ50/200)


uvk50-1The heat recovery ventilation device YBPK-50 (LQ50/200) * is developed for the apartments of usual multifamily apartment houses. But it can also be successfully used in the another small room.
The operation of the device is based on the well-known technology of  heat and mass exchange in an immobile regenerator which has seldom been applied in ventilation and air-conditioning systems so far. In order to enhance the air interchange in the room the new synchronization approach of two devices was applied.
As a result of this the new the heat recovery ventilation device YBPK-50 (LQ50/200) was developed the main advantages of which are as follows:
•   Application flexibility
 The device can be installed in a renovated or redecorated apartment,  during the rearrangement of a building or a new building and house.
•   Compactness, absence of air duct
 The device is completely mounted in a wall and it is almost not noticeable in an apartment interior and outside of it.
•   Effective air exchange in the apartment
 Inflow of fresh air is  compulsorily extended in the apartment, instead of remaining near  the device.
•   Comfort air temperature
 The temperature of fresh air is always close to room temperature in all weathers: in a frost or a heat outside.
•   Cost saving
 The heating of air in the winter and cooling in the summer is carried out by means of heat recovery, practically without expenditure of energy.
•   High efficiency of energy savings
The device saves up to 90 % of heat of the heat which is usually exhausted outside together with warm air. Expenses of an apartment heating are cut by half.
•   Operational capability in any climate
 The device does not lose working capacity in the range from - 40oC to +50oC.
•   Easy-to-use control
 The device is equipped with IR-remote control. The working mode of the device can be changeed from any point of the room. Other functions are carried out automatically.
•   Functional flexibility
 At customer's option the device can provide  the heat recovery ventilation (basic mode), the supply ventilation (summer mode), the exhaust ventilation, the natural ventilation (night mode).

The technical characteristics of  YBPK-50 (LQ50/200) are given in the table.
Parameter Dimension Value
  Air exchange m3/h 13..75(150)*
  Control of air exchange step 10
  COP % > 86
  Ambient temperature oC -40...+50
   Power consumption W 19(38)*
  Noice level dBA 30...50
  Suppression of external noise dB 40
  Dimensions mm ø204 х 410
  Size of the wall channel mm Ø220х400...700
*/ Values in brackets concern pair devices YBPK-50 (LQ50/200) which function coupled.  (a recommended complete set)

The scheme of the ventilating device installation 
1 - wall; 2 - assembly foam; 3 - telescopic sleeve from the steel; 4 - external deflector; 5 -  air-penetrable regenerators; 6 - reversible fan; 7 - internal ventilating lattice with the built in valve.
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